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Douay Rheims Bible and Clementina Vulgata
by God
Many Catholics are once more discovering the richness of the Church’s traditional versions of the Sacred Scriptures.
Clementine Vulgate was proclaimed the official Latin Bible of the
Church after the Reformation. From St. Jerome’s time, through the
Middle Ages, until vernacular editions were introduced, educated
Catholics throughout the world were familiar with the Vulgate. read more

Our Price: $155.00

The Navarre Bible - Acts of Apostles
Book by Navarre University
Information-packed commentaries on the New Testament - written by believing Catholics!
These days, buying a Biblical commentary is like playing Russian roulette; you never know whether your faith will survive the experience. All too many “Catholic” commentaries are choked with scholarly minutiae, questionable judgments, and - worst of all - plain unbelief disguised as scholarly objectivity.
... read more

Our Price: $28.00

St. John's Gospel: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary for Individuals and Groups
Book by Ray, Stephen K
As Catholics in ever-growing numbers are taking part in Bible studies, many questions arise. How do I study the Bible? Where do I begin? Is it OK to interpret the Bible for ourselves? What Bible should I use? How can I understand such a deep book as the Gospel of St. John?
This book has the answer to these and many other such questions. Stephen Ray takes the difficult and makes it easy; he tak... read more

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Ignatius Bible - Leather Back

St Paul Jubilee Year Bible Study For Catholic

New Catholic Bible: Standard Edition

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Gospel Cameos 2 - Disciples
by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
In these cameos, the characters tell their stories in the first person. Each cameo is approximately fifteen minutes' duration.
On this CD:
1: Bartimeus of Jericho
2: Judas
3: Nicodameus
4: Zaccheus... read more

Our Price: $5.50



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