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John: The Discourses of Controversy: Meditations on John 6-12, Vol. 2
Book by Von Speyer, Adrienne
The mystic von Speyr continues her reflections on the Gospel of
John, concentrating here on the discourses of Jesus in chapters 6-12.
The various other events included by Saint John in these chapters are
seen primarily by him as the occasion for new confrontations between
Jesus and his disputants. These reflections present the moment in which
the limited, self-satisfied standpoint o... read more

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The Book of Psalms - Presentation Edition
by God
The psalter is the prayer book of Israel, the treasury of Israel's hopes
and fears, successes and failures, loves and hates. For centuries the
Psalms have provided the material for monastic and priestly prayer, and
in every age have been used to express the prayers of Christians in
moments of crisis or joy. Since the revival of the use of the Liturgy of
the Hours, the 150 psalm... read more

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Ignatius Bible - Leather Back
This is the only major modern translation of the Catholic Bible available in standard English. All other major translations have been revised to conform to feminist demands for "inclusive language" (the same language Rome rejected in the new Catechism). Acclaimed for decades as the clearest, most accurate and most beautiful modern translation of the Bible in English. ... read more

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Pocket New Testament and Psalms

New Catholic Bible: Compact Edition

The Theology Of 'The Passion Of The Christ'

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Gospel Cameos 2 - Disciples
by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
In these cameos, the characters tell their stories in the first person. Each cameo is approximately fifteen minutes' duration.
On this CD:
1: Bartimeus of Jericho
2: Judas
3: Nicodameus
4: Zaccheus... read more

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