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Credo For Today
by Benedict XVI
In our generation the Christian faith finds itself in a much deeper crisis than at any other time in the past. In this solution it is no solution to shut our eyes in fear in the face of pressing problems, or to simply pass over them. If faith is to survive this age, then it must be lived, and above all, lived in this age. And this is possible only if a manifestation of faith is shown to have value... read more

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Meeting Saint Paul With the Pope
by Benedict XVI

During the special Pauline Jubilee
Year, Pope Benedict XVI used his Wednesday audiences as an opportunity
to meet one of the most influential persons in the history of
Christianity, Saint Paul. 'Meeting Saint Paul' is the complete
collection of these twenty-one papal reflections.

Pope Benedict's many years of teaching experience are evident in
this insightful series... read more

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The Way Of The Cross
by Benedict XVI
Experience for yourself the Way of the Cross that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - now Pope Benedict XVI - wrote for this time-honoured devotion now held on Good Friday at Rome's Colosseum.
Interest regarding Benedict's spiritual writings - not just his theological works - has sparked an enthusiastic response to these meditations and prayers that highlight Benedict's personal prayer life, as well as... read more

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Great Teachers

Jesus of Nazareth III: The Infancy Narratives (large print)

Dear Young People - Homilies and Addresses of Pope Benedict XVI at WYD

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Deus Caritas Est
by Benedict XVI
Everyone needs love. Everyone desires love. But not everyone understands love. In fact, love is probably the most misunderstood subject in history.
In his first Encyclical, Pope Benedict helps to clarify the meaning of love. He examines the nature of various kinds of love—human love and divine love, eros, friendship, and charity. He writes beautifully and inspirationally of how man was made fo... read more

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