Music for the Latin Mass:

The Catholic Community of
Blessed John Henry Newman

St Aloysius, Caulfield (Victoria, Australia)

compiled by Hugh Henry

Director, "Psallamus"

Friday August 4. 2017: Feast of St Dominic

7.00 pm Monash University Religious Centre

Music Booklet pdf for choir

Dominican Responses: pdf

Introit: In Medio Ecclesiae mp3 pdf

Kyrie Cunctipotens mp3 pdf  Organum version here

Gloria Cunctipotens mp3 pdf

Responsorium (Gradual): Os Justi mp3 pdf

Alleluia: Pie Pater Dominice mp3 pdf

Sequence: In Caelesti Hierarchia mp3 pdf (cantor sings odd verses, choir sings even.)

Offertory: Desiderium mp3 pdf

At Offertory:Hymn Iste Confessor mp3 pdf (cantor odd verses, choir even)

Czech Sanctus  mp3  pdf

Agnus Dei Cunctipotens mp3 pdf

Communio: Fidelis Servus mp3 pdf

Motets after Communion:

Sicut Cervus pdf   youtube link

Sub Tuum mp3 pdf

Anima Christi mp3 pdf

Final Hymn: "Extoll The Champion of the Lord" pdf mp3





Chant Books for Psallamus

(Note: ordinaries are at the back of each volume)

1. Advent to Epiphany

2. Septuagesima to Sunday after Ascension Thursday

3. Pentecost Sunday to Last Sunday after Pentecost

4. Sanctoral Cycle



Saturday  before Septuagesima Sunday:

Vespers booklet (includes "Alleluia Dulce Carmen")

2 Lent 2014 recordings (added 28 March 2014)

1. Peccantem Me Quotidie (Crecquillon) SAB

mp3   pdf

2. Inter Vestibulum et Altare (Penalosa) SATB

mp3  pdf


Holy Week:

Palm Sunday

 Congregation Book (Updated 22 March 2016)

Holy Thursday

1. Tenebrae

Tenebrae  Choir Book Corrected 2012 (minor amendments)

***  Lamentations   *** Latest corrected version:  11 April 2011

(Cantors' book for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday Tenebrae services. Contains versions from the Liber and from Spanish codices for all three services.)

Lessons 4 to 9. (Added 14 March 2016)

Lesson Four mp3 ("Ex Tractatu ...")

Lesson Five mp3 ("Utinam ergo...")

Lesson Six mp3 ("Quoniam vidi...")

2. Mass of the Lord's Supper

 Congregation Book

Good Friday

1. Tenebrae

Choir Book

Lessons 4 to 9. (Added 22 March 2016)

Lamentations (see Holy Thursday, above. It's the same book.)

Solemn Afternoon Liturgy

Congregation/Choir Book

Holy Saturday

Tenebrae Choir Book  Corrected 22 March 2013 ( Lesson V last sentence completed.)

Lamentations (see Holy Thursday, above. It's the same book.)

Lessons 4 to 9   (Added 22 March 2013)

Lesson Four mp3 ("Ex Tractatu...")

Lesson Five mp3 ("Quo perduxerunt...")

Lesson Six mp3 ("Posuerunt custodes...")

Easter Vigil Mass

12 Readings For Easter Vigil pdf

4 Readings For Easter Vigil pdf

Congregation Book




Jesu Dulcis Memoria (Chant/Palestrina)


Iste Confessor mp3 pdf

Epiphany Vespers & Benediction template pdf

Quem Pastores pdf  scorch

Wedding Music:

1. Surge Amica Mea (Palestrina) mp3

2. Ego Flos Campi (Clemens Non Papa) mp3

Matins Christmas Eve Booklet pdf



Ave Verum Penalosa Scorch Midi Mp3 Wav pdf

Lux et Origo in Meinrad   .doc  pdf

Septuagesima To Sunday after Ascension Propers pdf

Christus Vincit from Juventutem Vespers mp3

Vespers for New Year's Eve (1st Vespers for Octave of the Nativity) pdf



Christus Rex Pilgrimage Music is HERE

Advent Motet: Veni Emanuel  pdf  mp3 (recording from Verse 3 only)

Advent Motet: Rorate Caeli: pdf  mp3

Je Suis Chretien  pdf Scorch Midi Sib



Chant ((additions from semiology) for Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday  pdf


Pater Peccavi (our recording from last year, 2007)  Part 1  Part 2

Sheet insert re. Pater Peccavi. (pdf)

Selections from Laetare Sunday 2006

Kyrie (Byrd IV)

Tract: Qui Confidunt

Offertory: Laudate

Sanctus (Byrd IV)

Benedictus (Byrd IV)

Civitas Sancti (Byrd)

Anima Christi

Selections from All Souls' Day 2006

Introit (Victoria)

Kyrie (Victoria)

Dies Irae (Chant)

Sanctus (Victoria)

Benedictus (Victoria)

Libera Me (Chant) [Sung around the catafalque at the front of the church]






Choir Hymnbook  

Holy Thursday


1.  Lamentations from Spanish Codices

2. Tenebrae  Choir Book


Good Friday

Solemn Afternoon Liturgy

Congregation/Choir Book

(Corrected edition posted 10 April 2009)

Holy Saturday

1. Tenebrae Choir Book (Corrected edition posted 29 March 2008)



Veni Sancte Spiritus (Webbe)

Scorch PDF midi


Czech Sanctus  mp3   pdf

Sicut Cervus pdf

Chant Books (with my semiological editorials)

Pentecost Sundays



Requiem for a woman



Vesper Psalms Drafts

Dixit Dominus - All psalm tones






25 Anniversary of Ordination: Fr Terence Naughtin OFM Conv

St Mary's Cathedral Sydney

Friday May 10 2013, 7.00 pm. Practice at 5.00 pm sharp.


NEW!! (add 12 May)


Mp3 Recordings from the Mass


Tu Es Sacerdos



Sanctus 1


Agnus Dei 1

Agnus Dei 2

O Sacrum Convivium (Tallis)

O Jesus Christ Remember

Crux Fidelis (R. Reilly)

Sicut Cervus (Palestrina)

Complete Mass Music (88MB)



MP3 Downloads

Missa Papae Marcelli


Sop    Alto  Tenor 1   Tenor 2    Bass 1   Bass 2


Sop    Alto  Tenor 1   Tenor 2    Bass 1   Bass 2


Sop    Alto  Tenor 1   Tenor 2    Bass 1   Bass 2

Agnus Dei

Bass 1 : Agnus Dei 1 & 2

Bass 2 :Agnus Dei 1 & 2

Tenor 1 : Agnus Dei 1&2

Tenor 2 : Agnus Dei 1

Tenor 2 :Agnus Dei 2 - both Tenors

Alto 1 & 2 : Agnus Dei 1 - both Altos

Alto 1: Agnus Dei 2

Alto 2: Agnus Dei 2

Sop 1: Agnus Dei 1 & 2

Sop2: Agnus Dei 1 (both Sops)

Sop 2: Agnus Dei 2






O Sacrum Convivium (Tallis)

Sop   Alt 1    Alt 2  Tenor Bass


Crux Fidelis (Reilly)


Sop  Alto  Tenor  Bass



Enquiries:    Hugh Henry 0415 320 293

email: hughatwebonedotcomdotau


For information concerning Latin Masses in Melbourne: visit the Latin Mass Melbourne website.